Perfect Form and Function

Intelligent Lighting/Mood/Scene Set Lighting

Possibly the most effective and impressive element of home automation is the ability of intelligent control of your lighting. With our systems, you can create pre determined dimmed levels of lighting to circuits to create atmosphere for relaxing, or entertaining all at the press of a button.

This not only gives the end user an exciting new angle to how they light their home, restaurant or office, but also enables integrated control to other systems such as security and safety. For instance, an intruder alarm can be connected so that an array of lights can be activated to startle an intruder, or an exit route can be illuminated in the event of a fire alarm activation. There are also capabilities for systems for the disabled.

Energy Conservation

Another benefit of using our lighting systems is energy conservation. All our lighting dimmers are soft start, and are capped at 95% which although unseen with the naked eye, increases the life of any lamp in circuit and in some cases this can double the standard life expectancy. 

Many standard dimmers may dim the lights, but still consume the same amount of energy as the dimmer converts energy to heat. Our dimmers work differently to this by suppressing the energy to the circuit and does not convert energy to heat which means a significant saving in energy consumption.       

Wireless Controls

Wireless RF versions of lighting systems are available, providing excellent retro-fit capabilities and superb adaptability.