Perfect Form and Function

Home Theatre, also known as Home Cinema is designed to reproduce cinema sound and vision in the home. Video is normally displayed on to a large screen TV  or projector. Quality sound reproduction is achieved by using high fidelity surround sound.  

We custom build your home cinema around your environment, requirements and budget to provide the best possible viewing experience. From a wide screen LCD/Plasma using a basic surround sound set-up up to a High Definition DLP projector using THX/Dolby quality surround sound, we can provide a system that is better than a night out at the movies and provide you, your family and friends the ultimate in home entertainment.

Russound RNET® home audio systems are rich with features for your convenience and enjoyment. Preset buttons on the keypads give you access to favourite programs. Bass, treble, loudness, and balance controls let you tweak the sound to your liking. Party Mode and Do Not Disturb let you put the music exactly where you want it.

With RNET on board, the UNO keypads and touch screens in our CAM and CAV systems show you what’s playing on our SMS3 Smart Media Server and our ST2-Series Smart Tuners in real time.



iDyl™ Multiroom Media Server

DF Solutions produces cutting edge, high specification Multiroom Media Servers, designed to offer the most capable, desirable and user friendly solutions on the market.  The systems available cater from high-value, entry level models, to devices capable of supplying audio for the biggest and most ambitious of installations.  From 1 to 17 rooms, you can bring your home kicking and screaming into the 21st Century with a system that will quite literally bring your home to life.

Imagine a home where every room has it's own invisible hi-fi and video player, where your whole library of music, movies and photos are available instantly, independently of any other room. No cable clutter, no cumbersome hi-fi systems.  Using recessed speakers and a wireless touch-screen remote control, you can enjoy audiophile quality music wherever, whenever you want.  The iDyl requires no wall-mounted panels, or unnecessary electronic components in each room, for a truly invisible digital entertainment solution.